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Conditions of sale

The products in the site “Barbieri-Italiani.it” are sold by Barbieri Italiani srl a s.u., which is located in Bologna, Via (road) Sn Donato n. 74/2 – 40127 BOLOGNA (BO) Italy (vat nr. IT03593121209), called from now the “Seller”.

Every order made in the online site www.barbieri-italiani.it expected the consultation and acceptance, first of all of these generals conditions of sale.

The “clic” of order’s validation involves a full approval of them.


The present general conditions of sale govern the offer, the forwarding and the acceptance of products of purchase in the site barbieri-italiani.it, between the users of this site (“Consumers”) and the Seller.

Way to purchase

  • Purchase’s order has to be made from the Consumer to the Seller by compilation and transmission of the purchasing report in electronic form.
  • The Consumer must read carefully the Generals conditions of sale and the reporting of withdrawal rights.
  • The Consumer must check the propriety of the entered data.
  • The price of products is expressed in Euro (€) and it could be modified; so the Consumer has to check the final price, before the sent of that form.
  • The sent of that form implies the acceptance of all elements of that, the Generals conditions of sale, the Privacy Policy and the reporting of withdrawal rights. The no consensus by the Consumer makes impossible the way to purchase.
  • The contract is considered concluded when the Seller receives the purchasing form delivered by the Consumer.
  • The Seller, at the concluding of the contract, undertakes to take charge of the purchasing order.
  • The Seller is free to not look at the orders which has not all the necessaries information, with unfair information, those with aren’t followed by a correct method of payment or in time of no availability of them. In those time, the Seller will provide to inform the Consumer of the problems arised by e-mail, paying back the deal which has already been paid for the purchasing of products in legislations terms, without additional compensations. In that way, the contract is considered resolved by both and the Seller provide to tell it to the Consumer in 10 days from the date of receipt of the order’s form.
  • At the time of the concluding of the contract is not possible make changes at the order.

Properties of goods

Properties and information about products are in the “Product’s sheet”; the description, technical data and the price could change without advance notification, subject to typographical errors, photographic’s, about price or errors in the descriptions of the product and technical data.

Images have only a representative purpose.

Product’s price

The ending purchase’s price means net of IVA. They don’t include any further and several taxes and duties made by the relating applicable laws, like those foreseen in import. When is necessary, the Consumer should provide to through the import and to pay the duties and taxes (different form the IVA) eventually necessary in the country of import.

Product’s availability

The product’s availability is not updated in real time, moreover, simultaneous access to the site by different Consumers could cause significant changes of that availability. Barbieri Italiani don’t ensure the certainty of instant product’s of purchase evading and so it couldn’t be held responsible for possible delays in the release of that.


Ordered items could be paid before, by a method that is written in “Method of Payment”

Shall be available this method of payment:

electronic payment by secure transaction by platform PayPal

Delivery charges

Delivery charges will be calculated automatically by the site and they could be seen and could be knowable to the Consumer before the sending of the order.

Transport and Delivery

The delivery limit in the online shop has only an approximate value. The real delivery limit is confirmed to the Consumer after the reception of the order; this limit include only the working dates and absolutely not the festivities.

Sending and delivery will be done to the address communicated by the Consumer.

Eventually damages to the packing and/or to the products or the mismatch, must be immediately notified by the Consumer, texting the wording “Accept with reservation” on the Consumer’s delivery slip.

In the absence of that wording couldn’t make possible the activation of the complaint procedure.

Right of withdrawal

Consumer has the right to withdrawal from the Contract of Purchase for any reason and without needing to give explanation, except for those indicated procedures.

The necessary procedure to exercise this right include the sending of an e-mail to:

with subject “Application for Withdrawal”; in that mail is required those Consumer’s data:

- name

- surname

- order’s number

The application for withdrawal must be sent before 10 working days from the date of the order’s reception.

The returning must be done by Consumer’s expense; the sending start from the Consumer, must be done not later than 15 working days from the date of that order’s reception, sending the products at that address:

Barbieri Italiani s.r.l., Via San Donato n. 74/2 -40127, Bologna, Italia

Products must return with the original packing.

We don’t pay back damaged products because an inadequate packing.

Please, use an external box to avoid damages during the transportation.

Is ruled out the right of withdrawal, and the Seller can not accept the returning of products, that: have been affected from their original essential and quality characteristics, that have been damaged, used and/or that have not been returned in their original packing.

Law’s applicability

The Generals Conditions of Purchase are ruled by Italian’s law and her changes special form the legislative decree of the 6 September 2005 n.206, the Code of Use, with the specific reference to legislation on distance contracts and from the legislative decree of the 9 April 2003 n.70 in the field of electronic trade.